The CHERRY on the WEB assists companies (read more about outsourcing) at different stages of development and with specific needs. French Web services in SEO, French web articles writing, French Web marketing, French social medias…etc. are unique and tailor-made services for French speaking markets (France, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium).


Similarly to the creation of a Website, SEO requires reflection and preliminary study. Each case is unique and the cost for SEO or SEA (natural or paid) is estimated after considering the work to be done.

Strategic SEO and Business intelligence on French marketsStrategic SEO and Business intelligence (SMEs) for French markets:

Organic SEO and / or paid advertising campaigns are adapted to businesses’ evolution and their marketing campaigns: £325 / day (395 euros) excl. tax. or monthly fee for long term contracts (considered on a case by case basis).

French Website creation and initial referencingInitial SEO in addition to the creation of a simple French website (VSEs):

Quality SEO and optimised web writing are not only based on a few key words, but represent a substantive work relevant to the whole business sector of the company: £650 (790 euros) HT excl. tax.

Keywords advertising campaignsKeyword purchasing campaigns (Adwords) at strategic periods:

Advertising campaigns may be necessary to promote a Business during major events (trade show, business peaks, seasonality… etc) so that the company is highly ranked on the first page of Google, on certain keywords in the ads, for a specified period (quote on request only).