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Digital sculpture

ARTISTIQUE 3D, 3D technology as a natural continuum in the sculpture field: volumes creation with ZBrush as a digital sculpting tool, sculpture digitisation with 3D scanner, computer-generated imagery, three-dimensional file enlargement or reduction, 3D printing. ‘A la carte’ services offered by an experienced sculptor: for artists, collectors, art galleries… Consult the website Artistique3D. Web services …

Art deco nostalgia?

Art Deco or Art Nouveau: nostalgia of a glamorous period and its shimmering decoration. One example: 1930s mosaic. Learn more on mosaic historical periods and style and mosaic making on the website of a professionnal mosaic artist, based in the South of France. Delivery of custom-made mosaic artworks in France and abroad. Web services from …

Classical sculpture

  A professional website for classical sculpture lovers. Ornamentation, statuary, work of art: sculptures are custom-made according to different styles and periods, either antique or contemporary. Restoration of historical monuments ornamentations or statues, restoration of artworks, sculptures…etc, in stone, marble or wood for private collectors or professionals. Web services from Cherry on the web: website …


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