OPTIMISE YOUR visibility on the WEB with a tailor-made referencing!

Hand-made qualitative and honest natural referencing! A dedicated webmaster is the best foundation for a relationship of trust !

Entrust your website optimisation to a freelance webmaster, web writer specialised in SEO !

French web writingEntrust this strategic activity to a qualified, freelance professional attentive to YOUR economic performance and dedicated to improving YOUR ONLINE MARKETING OBJECTIVES: increasing your profits and ROI, attracting targeted visitors, and enhancing your e-reputation!

French SEO specialist

Dedicated outsourcing: an advantage for SMEs and VSEs!

Develop your online marketing activity with an independent specialist!

As a Native French SEO professional, I provide organic or pay per click search engine optimisation, Web writing or Web marketing services for French websites.

Dedicated to very few companies or even one company at a time, I can work on a flexible, regular basis and be 100% committed to your online business (if necessary within an exclusive time slot).

Fluent in French (mother tongue) English and Italian, I can liaise efficiently with your internal Marketing or IT/WEB Department.
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I assist Foreign companies in developing their e-business in France or in French speaking countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco) by optimizing their websites and by obtaining targeted visitors for their French Business sector.

  • Collaboration based on your present SEO priorities:

    I offer you my expertise in line with your needs or your business, whether it be in the medium or long term. This tailored flexibility means that I can provide you with effective support for attaining your online marketing goals.

  • I can work with more flexibility and responsiveness than a web agency and be 100% committed to your online projects,
  • I can collaborate on a regular and flexible basis, within, whenever required, an exclusive time slot or I can be totally dedicated to your company, for a short or long term,
  • Bringing you added value as an external human resource, while still being an integral part of your team and drawing on knowledge of your corporate culture!

Based in France, I work mainly with email, phone and skype, however, I am more than willing to travel abroad whenever necessary. In France, I am registered as a self-employed but I have been working for several years in Ireland and the UK which means I have respective National Insurance Numbers which may facilitate other contractual options. For other countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, webservices may be organised through an umbrella company.


organic search engine optimization in FranceBoost your online sales!

Make targeted contacts on the Internet!

Enhance your notoriety!

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As a result of the ever-increasing plethora of websites, having a clearly defined strategy to differentiate your company from the competition and acquire sufficient visibility is vital, whether for increasing your revenue or improving your reputation.

—Is your website sufficiently visible and attractive?—

CHERRY on the WEB will provide you with a detailed audit highlighting technical and marketing suggestions to improve your positioning and your competitiveness.

—Does your web content deliver all its value?—

CHERRY on the WEB supports you with the implementation of effective web editing, whether for writing your business articles, maintaining your blog, stimulating your social networks via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on.

—Is your natural referencing sufficiently effective?—

CHERRY on the WEB helps you set up targeted referencing via ongoing intelligence on the latest referencing strategies and trends among the most influential search engines.

Referencing is a strategic challenge that involves monitoring, analysis, and providing technical tips and recommendations to optimally position a website on the leading search engines.