OPTIMISED WEB WRITING: an essential complement to natural referencing!

Good readability means good visibility on the Net.

More details hereafter on optimised content in English or Italian for your multilingual websites!

Quality web content: a key component of a successful French SEO!

What are the editorial strategy’s objectives?

French web writing, web editing

  • Establishing contact with a prospect (by arousing the visitor’s interest),
  • Selling online (encouraging people to buy), establishing loyalty (making people want to come back),
  • Promoting your brand,
  • Establishing online presence to control your brand (creating or consolidating a positive brand image)…etc.

How to optimise your French online content?

How to build an efficient editorial SEO in French?

Like referencing, Web writing cannot be improvised and represents a real E-marketing tool!

While high-quality web editing and natural referencing can obviously be reconciled for search engines, this process calls on a few unavoidable editorial techniques.

In order to communicate effectively, it is vital to understand how Internet « writing » actually works, in other words:

  • Knowing how to comply with Google’s linguistic operation to build an effective web editing strategy.
  • Knowing how to adjust French keywords and text links.
  • Using a flawless methodology to write texts that are relevant both to search engines and web visitors.

Conversely, badly designed content may inhibit or penalise a website’s visibility and readability on French speaking markets. Google will have no trouble spotting any artificial or duplicated content and subsequently considering it as spam.

Knowledge of French linguistics (the scientific study of language which decrypts how words, sentences and text work) is all-important: knowing how to use synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, families of words, an extensive lexical field, etc. In fact:

  • search engines process the textual data that they subsequently index using the advances of this science,
  • writing tools developed by linguists can be used to create effective messages for the web visitor and for search engines.

This infers being able to identify lexical orientations and take account of a precise semantic field, without neglecting a site’s:

  • online contact form
  • e-mail contact
  • forum
  • blog
  • social network contact (Facebook page, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • comments on a ticket
  • customer opinions on a product

This will allow the visitor to quickly home in on the vital information thanks to concisely drafted content, while orienting search engines towards the key terms to be indexed.

Web content management in French, English and Italian

I can take care of your English, French or Italian website’s content or I can translate your English content into a web optimised French or Italian language while applying organic SEO techniques. Your pages will benefit from a better positioning in search engine results on the targeted country market. I am highly proficient in French (mother tongue), fluent in English and Italian and benefit from an excellent capacity for synthesising.

With my partners: two native English and Italian translators and professional writers, I can offer you a quality content and a varied lexical field in the language of your choice!

In fact, writing regular Web articles is the best way to acquire your visitors’ loyalty.

You can also entrust me with regularly drafting French articles that require documentary research or that expand upon a subject which you suggest to me.

All my articles are free of copyright, exclusive, and written to an exacting level of quality.

The contract may include:

  • Documentary research: on the basis of a subject defined by the customer,
  • Writing articles optimised for the Web. For effective referencing, texts should take up approximately 300 to 500 words per web page.

I can also take care of writing newsletters, emails.