The CHERRY on the WEB is a freelance activity,  from a native French person, who provides specialised French web services in: referencing (SEO, search engine optimisation or SEA, search engine advertising), Web optimised French translation, Web writing and Web marketing (SEM, search engine marketing) including social media optimisation (SMO).

Are referencing and web writing inherent to a website creation?

From a Webmaster’s point of view, it is rather a specialisation added to a technical background. Continuous monitoring, business intelligence are necessary to be constantly informed about new on-line marketing practices and new search engines’ algorithms. As a result, web editing and referencing become specific. Web optimisation in conjunction with a marketing orientation allows to understand better the user behaviour and to maximise a marketing strategy. However, this real substantive work, invisible at first sight and often overlooked in fact, materialises all the viability of a website! A website must certainly be attractive, but it must above all be useful to achieve sales and marketing goals!

The CHERRY on the WEB is an activity created as a result of several career paths.

I have attended a Webmaster Professional course and have been trained on Search Engine Optimization Strategy, Web writing, Google analytics for SEO and Adwords by one of the best experts agency in Paris: Ranking Metrics.
Previously, I have had a multidisciplinary experience in Information technology and Marketing, Business development: I have worked for 10 years in the IT industry within international companies in France and abroad, and I have run for 10 years a self employed activity involving Sales and Marketing development.

Thanks to this interdisciplinarity (see my work references), I am rather flexible and highly versatile.

Native French, I am fluent in English (written and spoken), Italian (written and spoken) and I can liaise efficiently with your internal IT, Web Marketing Department or I can also work in absolute autonomy.

I propose French SEM for French markets in France, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium.


CHERRY on the WEB (www.laceriseduweb.fr in French).
Legal status: Freelance through an umbrella company.