A keyword purchasing campaign can be set up to attract traffic and support a natural referencing strategy on a French website, for example when launching a new product or for a promotional offer.

Are advertising links lucrative?

This type of « paid » referencing can become very profitable alongside sustained natural referencing, provided the tools used to optimize campaigns are used effectively. Indeed, while investing your marketing budget in Google Adwords is easy, obtaining a genuine return on your investment is much more difficult.

Expert knowledge of the various levers used to optimize a website’s content is essential if these campaigns are to be profitable. This infers:

  • placing advertising campaigns within a global strategy for generating traffic,
  • measuring the return on investment,
  • choosing the most suitable billing method: cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand (CPT),
  • choosing the best ad setup (text, image, format, etc.),
  • spending less by adopting the best solutions (CPC and keywords) to generate profit.


I offer you tailored SUPPORT to optimise your sponsored link campaigns at STRATEGIC PERIODS IN YOUR ACTIVITY (before a trade fair, during seasonal peaks, etc.) on French speaking markets.

A sponsored links campaign will help your site to figure among the commercial results of the French leading search engines for the chosen period.

What does the management of a sponsored links campaign entail?

  • Setting up the campaign: analysis of keywords, choice of options, geographic targeting, organisation and structuring of the account.
  • Creating titles and descriptions corresponding to the selected keywords (the ads are then checked and validated by you before they go online).
  • Optimising the choice of keywords during a campaign to maximise traffic and improve its classification.
  • Daily monitoring to update the bidding in line with the campaign’s results and performance, depending on the targets set beforehand.

An appraisal of the steps taken must then be made. Any necessary corrections will then need to be applied in accordance with the initial results, the campaign’s development, the strategy adopted and the changes made to the website.