What is Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Social CRM serves to establish a relationship of trust with your visitors or your customers. A blog or a Facebook page will give your existing corporate website a more personal touch that is more alluring and less institutional. Social media optimization (SMO) is nowadays vital to differentiate a company from the competition and to acquire sufficient visibility on the Net.

Make your brand all the rage!

Foster your social networks, your blog or your forum on the French markets!

Your customer is your best ambassador. Generating a buzz for your brand on a forum, blog, social network page or YouTube video will incite a genuine exchange between your followers and your Marketing team. These means of communication can be used to leverage a brand’s recommendations or « likes ».

Maintaining an intelligent, ongoing exchange based on effective content and underpinned by a precise marketing approach can bring about a long-term positive effect on sales and on a brand’s e reputation!

Influencers and bloggers can thus become your allies for building up your online reputation. But be careful! While the use of these new communication vehicles can improve your website’s referencing (through the publication of targeted articles, select comments, appropriate discussions, etc.), they also give each and every customer a voice, and this requires a degree of mediation.

Integrating French social media in the customer service, creating interesting interactive content and responding to customers is fundamental. Drawing on your comments to adapt and optimise the content for the Web is a bonus!

As a result, you can:

  • further develop the loyalty of your valued customers on French speaking markets,
  • allow any customer who posts a complaint to delete their negative comments, or even to become the spokesperson of an enthusiastic brand!

All of this implies:

  • being ever-present to keep an active track of activity,
  • acting fast (responding within the hours that follow a negative comment),
  • providing answers (using editorial content that includes keywords and that consolidates a positive brand image).

Take care of your French E-reputation on the net!

E-reputation monitoring tools help to learn if your brand is being talked about on blogs and social media and what people are saying about your products or services online. It may be then necessary to claim for the removal of negative informations or to relegate them to a position of secondary importance by writing a lot of positive online content, optimised for natural referecing.

Develop your social media community!

Do you need a Native French speaking Community manager?

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