Urban forestry

urban forestryVALUABLE TREES : a team of tree specialists passionate about the respectful and sustainable management of ornamental trees!

Urban forestry (also called arboriculture) is a recent science-based discipline.

These new skills come from the latest scientific researches on tree. Knowledge in plant and botanical Biology completes a tree diagnostic on site.

Services are intented to directors of business parks, condominiums, estate owners, private owners, historic gardens or municipalities… Consult the internet site Valuable trees.

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What is urban forestry?

Following a tree inventory, a fully documented and illustrated written report is provided and details the pathologies or characteristics of the trees. A cartography (aerial photo of the numbered trees) is created and linked to a database. Thus, this whole analysis allows to anticipate the tree management costs and the necessary interventions on trees.

The sustainable management of trees is the core business of the tree specialists.

Part of the mission is also to find the most specialised providers for the interventions to be carried out : maintenance or deadwood pruning, tree felling. Veteran trees may also need extensive diagnostics by an expert or laboratory pathogen analysis.

Finally a tree management plan and multi-year program is established to anticipate tree management in the long term.

In this way, urban forestry aims to an economic management service and inform tree owners:

– On the actions to be carried out on a short and long-term,

– On the choice of professionals in the sector.

There are countless reasons to take care of trees. Ecosystem, social and economic services provided by the trees are numerous.

Trees contribute to our well-being.
They act like air conditioners. As such, they contribute to reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating.
Thus, they reduce the harmful effects of excessive heat on health and therefore health costs.
They contribute to the safety of pedestrians by encouraging motorists to reduce their speed.

They also create better urban places to live in.

The benefits of trees are really many !

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