Urban forestry

urban forestryVALUABLE TREES : a team of tree specialists passionate about the respectful and sustainable management of ornamental trees!

Urban forestry (also called arboriculture) is a recent science-based discipline.

These new skills come from the latest scientific researches on tree. Knowledge in plant and botanical Biology completes a tree diagnostic on site.

Services are intented to directors of business parks, condominiums, estate owners, private owners, historic gardens or municipalities… Consult the internet site Valuable trees.

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What is urban forestry?

Following a tree inventory, a fully documented and illustrated written report is provided and details the pathologies or characteristics of the trees. A cartography (aerial photo of the numbered trees) is created and linked to a database. Thus, this whole analysis allows to anticipate the tree management costs and the necessary interventions on trees.

The sustainable management of trees is the core business of the tree specialists.

Part of the mission is also to find the most specialised providers for the interventions to be carried out : maintenance or deadwood pruning, tree felling. Veteran trees may also need extensive diagnostics by an expert or laboratory pathogen analysis.

Finally a tree management plan and multi-year program is established to anticipate tree management in the long term.

In this way, urban forestry aims to an economic management service and inform tree owners:

– On the actions to be carried out on a short and long-term,

– On the choice of professionals in the sector.

There are countless reasons to take care of trees. Ecosystem, social and economic services provided by the trees are numerous.

Trees contribute to our well-being.
They act like air conditioners. As such, they contribute to reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating.
Thus, they reduce the harmful effects of excessive heat on health and therefore health costs.
They contribute to the safety of pedestrians by encouraging motorists to reduce their speed.

They also create better urban places to live in.

The benefits of trees are really many !

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Digital sculpture

digital sculpting toolARTISTIQUE 3D, 3D technology as a natural continuum in the sculpture field: volumes creation with ZBrush as a digital sculpting tool, sculpture digitisation with 3D scanner, computer-generated imagery, three-dimensional file enlargement or reduction, 3D printing.
‘A la carte’ services offered by an experienced sculptor: for artists, collectors, art galleries… Consult the website Artistique3D.

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Art deco nostalgia?

Delivery of custom-made mosaic artworks in France and abroad.

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Arts anc Crafts website creation and referencingArt Deco or Art Nouveau: nostalgia of a glamorous period and its shimmering decoration.

One example: 1930s mosaic.

Inspired by Isidore Odorico (great mosaic artist from the 30’s), the Art Deco mosaic style always captivates by its modernity.

A colourful and geometric, the Art Deco style is welcome everywhere.

In indoor decoration or in historic gardens, Art deco mosaics adorn the basins and decorations on the ground under the pergolas.

Order an Art deco style mosaic as a reminder of this creative period!

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Mosaic: a passion rich in colours and materials!

In the stuc and Mosaic’s workshop, the marble or the smalt are in the spotlight.

Marble is a noble material that adapts to all periods and styles.

In a contemporary creation, we will rather look for its shades of polished or irregular formats. The marble is perfect for creating decorative wall panels!

In a more classical creation, with regular tesserae, this material is ideal for the creation of a floor decoration, a kitchen table or a marble bathroom basin.
Creation patterns are endless with this natural material!
The ultra colorful Smalt (Venetian glass paste) offers a very rich palette and is perfectly adapted to the Art deco mosaic. Tesserae can be plane or even irregular. It adapts as much to wall creations as to floorings. 

When restoring or recreating an Art Deco-style historic garden:  do not forget to add mosaics!

Classical sculpture

Artistic website creation and referencingA professional website for classical sculpture lovers.

Ornamentation, statuary, work of art: sculptures are custom-made according to different styles and periods, either antique or contemporary.

Restoration of historical monuments ornamentations or statues, restoration of artworks, sculptures…etc, in stone, marble or wood for private collectors or professionals.

This professional sculptor is an expert in conservation and restoration in the field of Historical Heritage.

Who orders sculptures these days?

Jean Michel Labarre, the sculptor, works for the Public or private sector.  He creates or restores sculpture in wood, marble, limestone or polyurethane.

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Classic sculpture: a demanding discipline!

Jean Michel combines a rich experience as a teacher in fine Arts schools and professional trainer in specialised sculpture Institutes! He masters clay modelling and even 3d modelling. 3d sculpture is a recent but recognised discipline in the profession. Statue reproductions are developed under digital file with a 3d software. They are then reproduced with a 5-axis machine tool. This is leading edge technology! The experienced hand of the sculptor finishes then the sculpture. It is this precious finishing that gives the soul to the sculpture.

The 3d sculpture also allows the scanning of existing sculptures or objects. The editing of digital images makes it possible to obtain all the necessary modifications by the sculptor before the sculpture is actually made.

Jean Michel La Barre is affiliated with the Maison des Artistes. His professional career is the result of a solid academic and artistic training. This is complemented by numerous experiences at many restoration sites for Historical Monuments.

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Jolis sacs

A fashion onlineshop for women to discover on: Jolis-Sacs

Fashion shop for women: bags, fashion accessoriesJOLIS SACS: A women fashion online shop for bags ! Handbag, evening bag, good quality fashion in leather or leather imitation accessories, designer trend bags. All styles of bags for women.

Online shop with secured credit card payment.

A fashion onlineshop for women to discover on: Jolis-Sacs

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3D machining

3D machining, 3D processing3D SCULPTURE is a human-sized company dedicated to 3D processing, 2D panel cutting: a highly precise technology perfectly suited for Graphic Arts, Creation and Design.

  • 3D files creation,
  • 3D files modification (enlargment or reduction),
3D machining of a wide range of materials: rigid plastic panels (lab, plexiglas, polystyrene, polyester, polyurethane, wood, metal (brass, copper, aluminium…etc). Consult the website 3D sculpture.

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