Classical sculpture

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Ornamentation, statuary, work of art: sculptures are custom-made according to different styles and periods, either antique or contemporary.

Restoration of historical monuments ornamentations or statues, restoration of artworks, sculptures…etc, in stone, marble or wood for private collectors or professionals.

This professional sculptor is an expert in conservation and restoration in the field of Historical Heritage.

Who orders sculptures these days?

Jean Michel Labarre, the sculptor, works for the Public or private sector.  He creates or restores sculpture in wood, marble, limestone or polyurethane.

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Classic sculpture: a demanding discipline!

Jean Michel combines a rich experience as a teacher in fine Arts schools and professional trainer in specialised sculpture Institutes! He masters clay modelling and even 3d modelling. 3d sculpture is a recent but recognised discipline in the profession. Statue reproductions are developed under digital file with a 3d software. They are then reproduced with a 5-axis machine tool. This is leading edge technology! The experienced hand of the sculptor finishes then the sculpture. It is this precious finishing that gives the soul to the sculpture.

The 3d sculpture also allows the scanning of existing sculptures or objects. The editing of digital images makes it possible to obtain all the necessary modifications by the sculptor before the sculpture is actually made.

Jean Michel La Barre is affiliated with the Maison des Artistes. His professional career is the result of a solid academic and artistic training. This is complemented by numerous experiences at many restoration sites for Historical Monuments.

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